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It was once said, by a smarter head than mine, that radio drama was so much better than film because the pictures are more vivid.

As a producer now of over forty radio plays you would, of course, expect me to agree…and I do. The hero is always handsome, the heroine beautiful and the villain dastardly. But it is also due to the fact that whereas photographic mediums such as movies rely on spectacle, audio not only engages the mind but also allows the listener into the world of intrigue where the voice carries the plot rather than the visual effects department. Adult stories, in the true meaning of the words, not ‘blue’ but narratives about grown-up themes.
Power, conspiracy, money, business, corruption.

Any plot that draws the listener into a world, both beyond their immediate experience, and also one in which their own lives are reflected, will hold and entertain.

The feeling of being ‘on the inside’ while your neighbours still scratches their collective heads in wonder has always been a powerful one. To understand more than those around you can often make you feel part of society…and separate from it at the same time.

The spoken voice can share that. Not just the story…but the inside story. The feeling that the character(s) are speaking, with you directly in the room. Your own imagination filling in the set, lighting, maybe even the special effects.

If you are the sort of person that likes plays about power and conspiracy, then these plays should be right up your street, if not there is still such a wide spectrum that there will still be something for you to enjoy.
I hope you do.

Welcome to the world of radio drama…on Radio Stockton!
John Fryer

Below are some of the actors who have appeared in the plays over the years.