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The Sarah B and Little E show emerged from our conversations about our shared love of radio and Sarah B’s presenting history. We had no idea about each-others music taste at this point I thought Little E may be into crazee metal music but joked how funny it would be to do a breakfast show, our creative minds started buzzing. A breakfast show went out of the window due work commitments and being too lazy to get up mega early.  We decided an after work show could entertain people of Stockton after their hard day’s work and so the Sarah B and Little E show was born and was the first show to go out under the new broadcasting name of Radio Stockton. We were part of history in the making!

Our show from 6pm till 7pm every Thursday has a range of great music to link in with local news and upcoming events. We have a lot of fun and chat on air telling people about what’s going on in music venues, comedy, arts and culture.  We’ve had guests on already including Hoggy rescue complete with a young hedgehog and planning some music and artsy guests for the future. And an accidental guest Regga Rat (Roland Rat) who just wandered into the studio and stayed, he must like the music we play.

We also have our own take on the weather forecast called The Out the Window Weather and that’s exactly what we do.  The weather changes so quickly so we think it’s better to just look out the window and see for your-self. Little E also has a selection of Funny Facts which can sound too silly to be true which Sarah B sometimes thinks Little E has made up.  We love getting our local community and listeners involved. We have music requests from listeners every week and try to get people’s opinions on our topics.

Little E has a small music collection which are mostly on CD’s and even a smaller collection of vinyl which he has recently started to collect again with songs from Johnny Cash, Status Quo, ELO,

Thin Lizzy, U2, Rolling stones.  A collection he dips in and out off when he feels the mood is right to listen to them. Other interests are around woodturning and making items from pallet wood and drift wood with some up-cycling of furniture and upholstery work that others can enjoy when he has a once a year sale usually around Christmas time.


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